Celebrating 25 Years of Wales URNU

A message from our Senior Training Officer; Lt Jim Hawkins:

‘Update from Lt Cdr Nelson – 20th October 1994. The big day at last – Wales URNU first drill night. About 40 new members arrived by bus, train, car, motor bike and foot, but mostly mini-buses, from Cardiff, Swansea and Pontypridd. I think we started with a rather silly ice-breaker in which, having started by selecting the favourite ocean of their choice all the students ended up thinking of the colour grey (all apart from one – clearly to be noted as potential trouble) I think the idea was to light heartedly suggest that we were all of one mind. But I think some concern was expressed about military brain-washing!

Then the staff (ship and shore) were introduced before the endless reams of paperwork arrived. We also started the uniform procurement process and, with just 9 days to the first sea weekend, broke out the infamous teach yourself coastal navigation and rule of the road.

Finally, to the Wardroom for a well deserved drink and the first outing of Stormy’s famous buffets.’

25 Years of Wales URNU, many more to come!

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