Summer Flying Acquaint – 13th to 16th July 2016

This summer I had the amazing privilege to fly Grob Tutors over a four day acquaint. I was chosen to take part in this acquaint because of my interest in aircraft and joining the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) as a pilot after university.

Upon arrival I was greeted by another 7 URNU students from across the UK and we got settled in and got to know each other. The next morning, we were up early to be taken for kit fittings and a tour of the building. That afternoon we were hoping to get up flying however due to the poor weather conditions we couldn’t, so instead we had a tour of the hanger and went through safety maneuvers should we have to evacuate the aircraft mid-flight.

The next day the weather had picked up so we all got chance to go up and have a go at flying and the instructors catered to all of our interests so the lesson was personalised. This meant if you had more interest in navigation techniques or aerobatics they’d focus on those specifically, but if you would rather get a general overview of all flying techniques they’d accommodate for that as well. I had a particular interest in aerobatics and expected to be flown around doing loop the loops and wingover, but instead my instructor did an aero once and then allowed me to have a go doing it myself which was incredible!

I spent the next three days practicing my aerobatics as well as being allowed to take off, land and taxi the aircraft across the runway. Due to the weather not being the best on some days, we couldn’t fly as much as we wanted; however we did get several private tours around the historical hangers looking at all the aircrafts used for the air tattoos, looking at the Sea Vixen and Swordfish as well as Sea Harriers and the Sea Fury. This was really interesting and we got the chance to sit in some of these aircraft and have a play with the buttons.

Overall the whole experience was incredible and experiencing it with other URNU students from across the country made it even better.

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